Karel de Grote Hogeschool

Creation of a visual identity that translates the view of a top college in Antwerp.

Brand designer
Today Branding

KdG is a college in Antwerp with a wide offer of courses combining theory and practice. With the guidance of teachers and coaches, the students are invited to get their hands-on and take part their own education.

The visual identity is based on geometric building blocks combined to form an unique family of visual elements. This language translates the KdG’s view on stimulating students on being “builders”, with a proactive attitude towards their studies and life.


Creative Director: Tom Andries
Brand Strategist: Mathias Delmonte
Designers: Marina Prates, Noemí Iniesta,
Bram Rutten
Web Design: Jeroen Houtmeyers
Motion Designer: Arnaud Fontaine
Production Designer: Geert Cleynen, Jan Van der Herten
Copywriter: Sam De Vriendt
Typographer: Jo De Baerdemaeker
Project Manager: Jeroen Vermeiren